Thursday, August 12, 2010

iPad Giveaway

So I made up my mind and I purchased the new generation Kindle. Sadly, so did everyone else in America and its back ordered until Sept. 4. In the meantime that doesn't mean I cant still think about the iPad. So, i found online that buzzsugar is doing a give away for one. All you have to do is guess who will be winning the  Emmy in their category and the entry with the most correct guesses wins the iPad. Now i probably lost because there are certain categories in which who i think should win never does. For example, best supporting actress Rose Bryne as Ellen Parson on Damages, in my opinion has been robbed the last three years. Damages would not be the same without Rose, someone give that girl an Emmy PLEASE. Register online and give it a shot, maybe you will be winning an iPad.

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