Friday, May 20, 2011

More Than You Know

I use to be that girl that spent her Saturdays jumping from mall to mall and boutique to boutique all around town on the hunt for special new pretty shinny things. Somewhere along the line that all changed. Almost to the point that I now experience high anxiety and find it almost unbearable to step foot into a mall. Of course in emergency cases I will run into ONE store get what I need and run out, but for the most part I have completely stopped buying anything at stores. Almost everything I purchase is made through online shopping. I normally keep wish lists on my sites (as I've mentioned before many times I love a good wish list) and once they email a promo code for a sale, I cave and do some serious shopping. Almost always I can find anything that I want at a discounted price online. ALWAYS! I've seen shoes at a store then gone home done a full search online and found the same exact shoes for less money than at the store. That's a Win Win! I've decided to go ahead and share some of my favorites with you today. Sign up for the newsletters, weekly emails, and sale alerts on the sites its the best way to never miss a deal. First are my absolute favorites, then some others I always make sure to visit. Enjoy! - this should come as no surprise as I'm constantly raving about them. I almost always get my orders the next day or day after, the new arrivals go on at least 30% sale very quickly, and the look books are just too much for any fashion lover to handle. - especially the love21 and accessories sections. Perfect place for any season essentials that you don't want to splurge on. The accessories section has the cutest trendy jewelry for a price that can’t be beat and the best summer hats. - when I started shopping at zappos they carried basic shoes, now they have everything from sneakers to zappos couture that carries high end designer shoes, outdoor necessities, luggage, purses, and clothing. Free shipping and Free return shipping, and the order almost always arrives the next day. - a great place to also go for shoes, free overnight shipping, free return shipping, and 100% price guarantee. - obsessed with the Rachel Zoe picks section. - the find it all perfect site. Enter any brand, for example: Marc Jacob lady V bag, and this site will then show you every website online that carries the bag and lets you compare prices, you will be surprised which sties have the best prices. You can also set sale alerts, that email you when your selected items go on sale. (co-op)


  1. You know, I was reading about some stores that have caught on to the whole "going in to try it on, then going home to buy it online" thing and they're implementing a try-it-on-fee. Like, there's a place with ski boots that'll charge $50 just to try it on. If you buy it, that money goes towards your purchase, but if you don't buy, you basically wasted $50!!! Isn't that NUTS?!?!

  2. wow that is nuts!!! theres nothing like that in miami. Except that during halloween i remember paying like $4 to try on costumes then they would also credit it to your purchase. Its still better especially during halloween to find it online because all the stores here were super overpriced.


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