Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Day In Day Out

This weekend I will be traveling to New York with one of my closest girlfriends. I love visiting New York! The feeling that you get in this city is unlike any feeling in any other place. Though packing for New York or any other trip, thats a different story. Packing is something that I have never been able to master. Once I was old enough to start traveling by myself, I quickly learned that I am an extreme over packer. I'm the type of person that needs to pack an outfit for every single type of occasion that "might" happen. A picnic outfit just in case, a black tie outfit, just in case I get invited to a gala. Ludicrous right? This results in my suitcases always being overweight, or lugging around two huge bags for let’s say a 5 day trip. Well this had to change and fast. I read manuals from various magazines and online websites such as this ( on how to pack efficiently for any trip. That didn’t really work for me. The only solution that I found was making a list. Every time I  travel somewhere I write down exactly what I am going to wear. Friday day time outfit, Friday night time outfit. Then when the time comes to pack up my suitcase I take my list out and start. I try on all the outfits that I put together on my list to make sure I like how everything goes together and just in case I have to make any edits, then I pack it up. This is the only thing that I have found helps me to stay on track and edit my choices.

I’ve been mentally working on my list for this upcoming weekend, but don't have anything written down yet. I plan on packing Thursday night and I already know its going to be a long night! I've saved some of these lists on my computer and came across the one I'm sharing with you today. This list is from when I went to New York last year in October. If you are an over packer like me, maybe a strategy like this can help you.

NYC October 2010 – Columbus Day Weekend
Flight: Gap Jeans & James Perse top, sweater, cashmere pashmina, brown Ralph Lauren riding boots.

Thursday Day: Beige JBrand Jeans with Patterson Top, black booties(?) or brown RL boots
Thursday Night: Pleasure doing business bright blue skirt, Black Top, Prada Heels

Friday Day: “Gwenevere” 7 for all Mankind Dark Blue Jeans with Flower Top and Blue Sweater, black over the knee dolce vita flat boot
Friday Night: Black Dress with Prada Heels, and maybe tights

Saturday Day: Flower Dress with tights, jacket, and black booties
Saturday Night: Franchesca gray low v-neck wrap Dress with Tights, Prada Heels

Food Festival / Flight
Sunday Day: Beige JBrand Jeans with Gypsy 05 Tie-Dye Sweater, laceless slip on keds or brown RL boots

Extras: leggings, juicy outfit, beige button down loose top, two casual day dresses, gray sweater, ivory racer back top, cotton shirts

Target List:
Face wash
Covergirl eyeliners
(these are my favorite eyeliners, as i shared here:
Contact water

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