Monday, May 16, 2011

Leaving on a Jet Plane

In the next two weeks I will be traveling to New York, I realize that this will be either my fourth or fifth trip this year. I guess I do travel often. Though my mom has been telling me this for years, I guess now is when I really realize it. As usual before any trip I started to think about what I am going to pack, which then lead to thinking about luggage. Ugh luggage! My luggage is so ugly. I have about four mismatched pieces of luggage that I rotate, and I hate all of them. Two large wheeled Kipling duffels that were purchased after college graduation for a trip all around Greece. One medium size (I think that’s 25") Atlantic wheeled upright, and one small Heys 20" carry on upright. It’s kind of embarrassing that none of these match, and yes this does really bother me. It’s about due time to purchase a set of matching, beautiful, grown-up luggage. If you were to ask me what my dream luggage is it’s simple, I've known the answer for years, I just have never been able to spend that amount of money of luggage. Its either Brics or Hartmann two piece luggage set. The perfect combination, one large upright trolley style suitcase that gets checked in size 25" or larger (but no larger than 30"), and a matching duffel with wheels. The matching duffel with wheels is essential because I never ever check in expensive purses, shoes, or jewelry, basically the accessories must all go in the carry on. The larger suitcase is for the essentials such as clothes, a lot of toiletries and makeup, blow dryer, iron, other shoes, and etc. Sadly ill probably have to wait until I can put a Brics or Hartmann set on my wedding registry, but until then I have found an affordable and beautiful compromise. The only question left is... will it sustain my travels? 

Expandable Mobile Traveler $650.00
Mobile Traveler Duffer $475.00


Milano Suitcase $500
Milano Rolling Duffel $400

London Fog (Most Economical):
London Fog 7028 tan - Oxford Collection 28London Fog 7023 tan - Oxford Collection 20
London Fog 7023 - Brown/7028 - Brown - Oxford Collection 2-Piece Luggage Set in Brown
Oxford Collection, Expandable Upright $159.99
Oxford Collection, Rolling Club Duffel $109.99


  1. The London Fog set is gorgeous! Honestly, I have Hartmann luggage, and it's not all that wonderful. They're really heavy and I have to be very careful how much I pack, or they'll charge me extra. Also, they haven't held up all that great. Wheels have fallin off and zippers are messed up. My friend swears by Tumi, but I have no experience with that brand.

  2. Thanks! You just made my decision so much easier. I think I'm going to go with the London fog! I also love the Louis vuitton luggage but if I ever was made to check it in I would die. 


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