Friday, May 6, 2011

Three Terrific Things

1. A couple of years ago i was enthralled in the Emily Griffin novels Something Borrowed, and and Something Blue. Today is the long awaited release day of the novel turned movie Something Borrowed. Very much looking forward to watching the movie and really hoping it lives up to amazing-ness of the book.

2. Any event that is a Food, Wine & Music Festival is pretty much a good event to me! Saturday My 7 from 4-9:30pm is the Coconut Grove Food, Wine & Music Festival at St Stephen’s Episcopal Church right in the heart of the grove.

3. Lastly, of course is Mothers Day. Looking forward to spending the day with my mom, doing girl stuff, having a nice lunch together. Making sure she knows how much i love her, appreciate her, and that I wouldn't be the lady i am today if it wasn't because of her <3

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