Thursday, May 26, 2011

To Shellac or Not to Shellac

Shellac Nails vs. Normal Manicure. Last weekend I had a normal manicure and pedicure. Today I had a shellac manicure done with a similar color to match my pedicure. I am a fan of a normal manicure, mostly because I absolutely love essie nail polishes. I love all the collections and all the super adorable names they give each color "damsel in a dress" "french affair" "a-list" "fun in the gondola" "ballet slippers" "island hoping" "bachelorette bash" and "midnight cami" are just some of my favorites. It’s just very discouraging when two days after I have a  manicure done most of my nails have little chips that only continue to get worse as the week progresses. Then someone invented Shellac Nails, gel nail polish that uses ultra violet light to instantly dry. This manicure last for about a week and a half to two weeks with no chipping. I do my nails every week and most times I do a normal manicure, but when I am traveling I like to do a shellac manicure. This is because packing, airports, lugging luggage around, being in and out of pools and sunbathing plus many other aspects of traveling cause my normal manicure to chip even faster than usual. So do you think you can tell the difference between the shellac manicure and the normal manicure?

Shellac Manicure from Today

Normal Manicure from last week

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