Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"What's Her Butt" The Bachelor Season 16 - Episode 3

           What's Her Butt
Oh Courtney! Or should I say what I am now referring to her as for the rest of the season "What's her Butt”! Did she actually call Shawntel Newton that last night? One girl walks in who is beautiful, smart, and runs a successful business and all of a sudden little miss perfect lets all her insecurities show. Sorry Courtney that you felt so threatened by Shawntel you had to refer to her as what's her butt... who even speaks like that? My five year old nephew maybe and that's maybe!

I’m getting ahead of myself let's start from the beginning. On last night's episode of The Bachelor the women moved locations to one of my all time favorite cities San Francisco! The night started with a one on one date between Ben and Emily. Emily is just pretty enough and sweet enough so I am going to go ahead and say I like this girl. I like even more that she's educated she is after all a PhD student. Which according to Courtney is a turn off to men because men don’t like book smart girls...they like fun girls. Oh Court! Way to give a good message to all those teenage girls that are watching. Their date was the ever present "conquering your fears together" date that we always see at least one of on every Bachelor season. But climbing the Bay Bridge, that's crazy! I would die literally die...there would be no way any Bachelor could get ME to climb the Bay Bridge not Andrew Firestone, or Reid! I have to give it up to Emily she did it! Very Impressive. They later had a romantic dinner with the most beautiful backdrop and it seems as if they have hit it off. This also being because he did give her the rose. For me I don’t know its just Ehh, I just don’t see it yet.

Was it really necessary for the bachelorettes to ski in their bikinis? Is this an actual thing that someone would have on their bucket list or "leap list"? I guess it was on Ben's and he can now scratch it off, because boy did they ski on the streets of San Francisco. I’m glad that he finally spoke to and gave some one on one time to one of the girls I think is very pretty, Rachel and proceeded to give her the rose. I know this crushed Kacie B because she wanted that rose, but I am glad he gave it to Rachel. Now if only ABC would give more air time to Casey S!!! Britney left the show (don’t really care about this) and Shawntel entered the show (do care about this). First Ben had his one on one with Lindzi which I thought was all perfectly adorable, ice cream, Matt Nathanson, and dancing with the pianos. All perfectly romantic I loved it. I also love Ben with Lindzi I think they are super cutie pies. Then Shawntel showed up and people went crazy! Some girl I haven’t even noticed on any of the three episodes to date, Elyse, couldn’t stop screaming "WHO IS SHE" & "YOU DON'T KNOW BEN" the girl looked and sounded like trash! Then Ben actually gives this girl a rose, buddy what are you thinking? Sadly Shawntel didn’t receive a rose, I kind of wanted of her to, but I understand why she didn’t the other girls would have gone completely ape crazy and lost their minds. I mean Courtney might have jumped off the balcony of the building and Elyse might have locked herself in bathroom for five days. Next up Park City, Utah.

PS: I borrowed two photos from this site: GLAMOUR
Also very much enjoyed their article, check it out :)

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