Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bachelor Mondays

Normally I am not a fan of Mondays, the whole entire day just seems like a punishment. Except during bachelor, bachelorette, and bachelor pad seasons I actually look forward to Mondays and especially Monday nights. Of course I wonder and think about what will happen on the show and actually watching. More than that I get excited because for some years now every Monday while the three shows are on my family and friends all get together at my house to watch and laugh at the seriously ridiculous crazy things some of these characters say. We drink champagne and wine, snack on small bites, eat cupcakes and just have a really enjoyable night. For this I must thank ABC and the bachelor franchise, thank you for making Mondays bearable and enjoyable!

Here are some pictures to help you understand exactly what a Monday night "Bachelor" party at my house entails.  Some shots from this past Monday. 

Cheers to YOU Chris Harrison :) 

<3 Cupcakes & Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Champagne <3


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