Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 - Episode 5

This actually happened!

WOW! What an episode that was in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Really I cant discuss anything else besides skinny dipping with a "model" (who makes the most horrible muecas, that's faces in Spanish, i have ever seen) and Jennifer being unexpectedly sent home. I mean this man of a bachelor, Ben, kept this super classy girl (sarcasm) Blakeley - scroll down to #5 - and sent Jennifer home. He's must be confused and think he is on a show about who will give it up the fastest instead of finding true love. Well hey that is basically what the bachelor has become now a days - how sad. We already know Courtney most likely gave it up while they were skinny dipping. Yea, at this point I'm pretty much completely disappointed in and disgusted by Ben. Just like I thought I would be when ABC decided to pick him as the Bachelor, but in a much much deeper way, this guy has surpassed even the worst of expectations I had for him. I really just want to fast forward this whole crap to the what you know is going to be a drama filled after the rose special. Because honestly I really hope the decent good girls who are so much better than Ben rip this guy a new one. If I was Kacie B, Lindzi, Nicki or Emily I would straight up be embarrassed to be competing for a guy with girls like Courtney and Blakeley. Oh and let’s not forget a girl that I have yet to even see Ben speak with, Jaime. Yea Ben gave a girl that he has not even had one conversation with, Jaime, a rose over Jennifer who he just shared a perfect one-on-one date with and repeatedly re assured her he was into her.

Some very interesting and funny fashion highs of the night were Nicki's incredibly tacky dress during her one on one date. The dress was so horrible God rained on it so she had to change, thank you God. Second what in the world was up with Ben's capri blue and black suit and funny looking bow tie during his one on one date with Elysee. He literally looked as though he stepped straight out of a cartoon show. It baffles me that the producers would let these people be seen on national television looking like fools. Third why do I keep seeing these bachelorettes with Chanel No. 9 and Chanel No. 5 tshirts? Did they all go shopping together at Forever21 and buy matching tshirts before the show aired? Fourth and probably my favorite Courtney opening up the episode with a "be nice" t shirt on, WOW, that girl could not be nice if her life depended on it.

I just have to say how adorable is Kacie B next to Ben on the right!
Too sweet, genuine, sincere, and pretty to even be in the same room as Courtney.

Next week were off to Panama and I can't wait to see who goes home, but most of all I'm excited were getting closer and closer to the end. I am so excited for the bachelor season to be behind us and have Emily be the bachelorette. Finally a girl that can dress! And not to mention compose herself and behave as a lady should. Emily's season needs to hurry hurry hurry!!!

Honestly best Bachelorette ever! AHHHH can not wait to have her back on TV <3

PS: Thank you to my girlfriends who come to watch this mess of a show with me. It would not be any fun if I didn’t have my friends with to laugh about Ben's hair, the crazy girls, and the outlandish remarks they make. Thank you Rosanna, Karina, Jess, Jen, Kristi, Bex, Annie, Cyn and Barbie!

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  1. definitely watched last night and was SHOCKED.
    love your blog.
    following you now

    xoxo katlin

  2. thank you so much! i love writing about the bachelor. Every tuesday i write what i thought about the show. Did you join the blog? Please do where it says "join this site" on the top right corner! xoxo <3

  3. If I were one of the girls on the Bachelor I would leave, because of Ben's decision to send Jennifer home. Courtney will show her true colors before long.


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