Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 - Episode 4

I do owe a bachelor re-cap and I must say I am having a difficult time writing it. I really don’t want to be a negative nancy and sit here and talk about all the reasons why Courtney sucks, and why I really do NOT like (not going to use the word hate) girls like her on a daily basis. So after some thought I have decided to just write about what I like about the show - so yes Courtney is being left out on purpose. She is a horrible person; she treats all the other girls like they are beneath her. I don’t care what your profession is if its a model, actress, princess of the universe don’t treat other people like Courtney does its just plain UGLY.

What I am loving about the Bachelor though is Kacie B, Jennifer, and Lindzi. These are the girls I would hang out with and be friends with on the show, the true genuine girls on the show. I’ve learned after years of watching this show that eventually everyone's true colors shine through. Some take longer than others, some are during taping, or on the after the rose special, or during the months after the season has aired, or even during Bachelor Pad, but one thing I know for sure is that those colors eventually shine through. What these girls have going for them is that they are genuine sincere nice girls and I am pretty sure they will stay like that through time.

The episode started with a one-on-one date with Ben and Rachel. All very nice, loved the helicopter ride and the hike in the woods. I must admit though the whole date did have a little essence of the Blair Witch Project. He gave her the rose not sure if it’s because he's crazy about her, he felt sparks, he just a really nice guy, or he wants to get to know her better. All in all I kind of like Rachel I don’t think they are the best match but she seems like a nice girl so I am happy she will be around for some more episodes.

Next up was the group date - the group date that Courtney decided to turn into a one-on-one date (but as I said before not talking about her). I really wish Lindzi would have caught a fish, mostly because she is an outdoorsy girl and seemed most in her element so it would have been nice to see her shine while fishing. After fishing the girls and Ben all went to lounge by the pool and have some more drinks. You know this scenario it’s the norm while on a group date on the Bachelor. I loved the different perspectives that were shown between Nicki & Samantha. They are both attractive 26 year old young ladies, but they clearly see things very differently and it was so clear to see that back to back on the group date. On one hand we have Nicki super sweet and thanking Ben for making sure to bring her out on a date in every city that they have visited. Even if they have all been group dates she's thankful because she realizes some girls have not gone out on any dates at all. Then we have Samantha, who is complaining and asking Ben why she has only been asked out on group dates basically telling him she does not want to go on any more group dates and wants a one-on-one. Yes, I was shocked that Ben abruptly sent her home right then and there but at the same time she showed him who she was and he wasn’t having any of it. He didn’t like her entitled attitude, better than keeping her around for no reason.

Onto the one-on-one date with Jennifer and Ben! Absolutely adorable!!!! Jennifer is simply delightful. I really do like her and I hope Ben does too. He has basically said over and over again that she is the BEST kisser in the house, but I hope there are more reasons than just that as to why he is keeping her on the show. Their concert date was adorable and they seemed so comfortable together, they just fit together so well. Then we had the rose ceremony, only one person sent home and that was Monica. No big surprise here I hardly saw them interact and she is like 5 or 6 years older than him. Compared to Kacie B and the rest of the girls poor Monica didn’t stand a chance. Next up: Vieques Island, Puerto Rico! (Oh, BTW Courtney was just there two months ago, poor poor girl!)

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