Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 - Episodes 1 & 2

Its back boys and girls! That show we love to trash talk but can not stop watching - The Bachelor! I missed the bachelor yes I did, but  I did not miss Ben Flajnik and his oily/frizzy hair, but I did miss the drama. There is nothing like some crazy psycho girls of the bachelor to make you feel perfectly normal. Sorry I missed the first episode I was away on vacation with no TV, but now I am all caught up, I saw the first episode over the weekend and was ready to watch last night's train wreck.

Let me start off with the good. The good as in Kacie B, Lindzi C, Samantha, Nicki, Rachel, Jennifer, Casey S, and Jaime, yes these are my favorite girls. The ladies that if I was living in the bachelor house I would want to be around and associate myself with. The ladies that seem to have at least some type of morals and class. The type of ladies I would hope a young man like Ben would want to keep around and get to know better. Luckily so far all these girls have roses and are continuing on the Bachelor. Not so luckily for them they have to deal with the bad. The bad as in the very bad as in Blakeley the "VIP cocktail waitress" or maybe hooker really its up to you what profession you want to give her. Courtney the I am too pretty for life model / actress who is determined to belittle and make all the other girls feel horrible while manipulating Ben to fall in love with her. (He is a man and we all know how men fall in love - lets just say most of the time it’s not with their hearts) Lastly Jenna, poor poor Jenna the blogger that is giving bloggers everywhere a bad name and cant seem to stop having emotional breakdowns. Poor Jenna was sent home last night, and we can all just hope that she is now getting the help that she so badly needs. There you have it the good girls vs. the slutty conniving girls. Courtney could not have said it better last night, when she said "It's a war out there" and it is. You have to stand out but you don’t want to be crazy, and honestly I have no idea if I could ever handle being in a situation like The Bachelor so just for that I have to give these girls credit!

We all have to realize that Ben is only 28 years old, I don’t really know how "ready" he is for marriage but he will make for good TV. This being mostly because of the girls that have been cast to surround him, there’s enough tension and drama there for a very satisfying season and I can’t wait to see it unfold. Now for my thoughts on last night's show. I love that ABC moved the girls from LA to Sonoma it gave the show an unexpected quaint homey feeling. I have visited Sonoma and I must say it’s absolutely beautiful and has many perfect locations for the first dates as in the ones that we saw unfold last night. As you might have guessed already I preferred Kacie B's date over Courtney's. Just because I like Kacie so far better as a human being (who wouldn’t when put up against Courtney). We had the two one on one dates and a huge group date that consisted of a play. A play and then some lounging by a pool nothing we have not seen before on the Bachelor, there is always a group date just like this one. Then we had the rose ceremony of breakdowns. I found it especially funny when Ben was walking around the house checking rooms for girls having breakdowns. He found one crouched in a corner and one under the covers - oh boy! The Bachelor producers should really start thinking about adopting a 2-3 drink minimum for rose ceremonies, or maybe an on-site psychologist for these girls. I fear it’s only going to get worse as we get more into the season.

I can’t wait to see what unfolds next week in one of my favorite cities in the US, San Francisco. There is a mystery woman coming that is going to rattle everyone's cages and that’s always fun to see. I hope that some of my favorites like Casey S. and Jaime are given more air time because these young ladies are beautiful but have not been given any time to shine.

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