Friday, January 27, 2012

The Man Repeller

Have you ever wondered how one of the most popular bloggers out there, Leandra Medine, came up with the name Man Repeller for her blog? Well I have the answer for you! A couple weeks ago I attended a special style & meet event at The Webster Miami and got to meet Leandra for myself. I was beyond excited to attend because as a blogger I of course look up to Leandra and what she has been able to accomplish through her blog. I got to meet her and talk with her for about thirty minutes shared with my friend Rebecca, and I must say she was beyond nice! I first asked her what she thought about my outfit and how she would have styled it differently. She complimented me on my blouse (equipment) and my shoes (miu miu) which of course made me blush. She then rolled up my skinny jeans and said it looked better that way because my shoes were more easily seen and she was right. I absolutely loved how it looked, needless to say since then I have been rolling up / cuffing all my skinny jeans. It is so surprising what one little change can do to the overall look.
Leandra & Myself
I asked Leandra why the name Man Repeller? The story was actually very funny and my friend and I could not stop laughing while she was telling it to us. Leandra was shopping in a store in New York with her friend and she was telling her friend about the three current guys she was dating. Explaining how they are were all very nice guys but none of them wanted to get serious or commit to her. Leandra and her friend were going back and forth as to all the reasons why it could be that the guys were not committing when all of a sudden the words just came out of her mouth - is it because I am a Man Repeller? No Leandra could never be an actual Man Repeller, this is just a common problem of guys in NYC and Miami, trust me, we also deal with the non committal guys.

How do you get a small blog with a couple followers to explode into a huge phenomenon with over 11,000 followers?! The advice she gave me is first you don't quit, no matter what you keep going and you keep writing. Number two is how just one small thing can change your life forever. For example like when the New York Times did a post on The Man Repeller explaining the meaning behind the name, which is to dress for yourself and wear what makes you happy and not men and how it is a good thing, her blog exploded literally overnight. Thank you Leandra for being so nice and for all the advice you offered me. Also thank you for the "armparty" and for re-assuring me that it's okay to eat roman noodles for a week because I just blew my whole entire paycheck on a fabulous leather jacket or the newest stilettos. It was a pleasure meeting you.

 equipment blouse. 7 for all mankind "the skinny jean".  miu miu heels. jimmy choo handbag.

del toro shoes designed by Man Repeller
These shoes were raffled off during the event and
my very lucky friend Rebecca won them! Congrats <3

drinks, snacks, and dj during the event.

photos taken & edited by: Rebecca ONeill

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