Wednesday, March 28, 2012

office space

It has come to my attention that I seriously need a designated work space. I have been spending an unheard of amount of time in front of my laptop, mostly at my desk at work or on my bed at home. I use to have a "desk" area when I was younger but I got rid of it when I upgraded to my laptop. I currently use a MacBook to do most of my blogging and basically run my life. I've had this MacBook for about four to five years, and though that seems like a long time I am constantly doing system upgrades and it still works really well. Lately though, I have been getting that little urge to upgrade, and this urge is becoming larger and larger by the second, I know soon enough the inevitable will happen and I will have to upgrade.

The question is...What should I upgrade to? The MacBook Pro seems to me like a serious laptop for serious bloggers, and something that I know will fulfill every single one of my technology needs. Then there is the MacBook Air, light as a feather and absolutely beautiful, is it enough though? Lastly I am considering the iMac, which is a surprise to even myself that it's an option because I have never really been a fan of desktop computers. My friend has one in her home and I got to play with it over the weekend and I now find it very appealing and see the iMac in a completely different light. The cordless mouse and keypad are stunning. She also informed me that the desktop can be wireless and be moved anywhere around the house, who knew!?!

Before I decide on one of these options though I need to designate a place in home as my work space. I have been dreaming of an all white desk for months now, especially since I saw pictures of blogger Maegan's workspace on Pinterest has also been feeding my urge to upgrade in a HUGE way, I have been searching "work spaces" and "offices" only to find an overload of the most beautiful and inspiring photos.

on left "Josephine desk" from World Market on right image via pinterest


  1. I think you should go with the air. While the iMac is gorge, it's just going to stay home. And the MacBook is really pricey and a whole lot of computer. I think the air would best suit you because you're always on the go. You can use something light that you can put in one of your chic bags and whip it out to impress all your clients! You can still have the lush white workspace, but your computer will be transportable.

    Just my 2 cents! :)

  2. MacBook Pro!! Trust me, I spend more time on my computer than with anything else in my life and it's the best laptop ever for all the creative workload. I used to have the macbook and it would slow down and make those really scary breathing noises as soon as I would open photoshop. Yes, the macbook pro is a splurge, but it's worth the investment.

  3. That office space picture looks great! As for the computer upgrade, looks like you just really need to sit with yourself and determine which needs matter the most. As for the all-white office space, go for it and do share photos afterwards!


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