Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 "The Woman Tell All"

The woman tell all is always such an interesting show to watch and has always been one of my favorites. I enjoy it because it is the show when we, as viewers, can see which of the girls have stayed in touch, are becoming friends, and which other girls they have decided to gang up against. Really, the woman tell all episode is when all the girls can confront each other about what they have seen on the show that they don't like and boy, these girls were ready to confront each other.

It was clear to see that although Nicki was the most recent girl sent home on The Bachelor, the fan favorite is Kacie B. I have to agree. How could Kacie B not be the fan favorite? The girl is the cutest thing ever! She has to be one of the most delightful, pretty, and nicest ladies that has ever been on The Bachelor. This is why she was the last interview of the night after the other girls, and why she received the loudest applause from the audience. It was also very clear to see that Kacie B and Nicki have formed a strong friendship. They were constantly making eye contact, giving each other telling looks, and holding hands to support each other....especially when Courtney was in the hot seat.

Emily is my number two favorite from the season. Last night I simply loved her in her Naven purple dress. I thought she looked so beautiful. Not only is she pretty, but she is smart - super smart! This was evident in the way she spoke and carried herself. Her description of Courtney's dual personality disorder was spot on. Emily took the words right out of my mouth (or should I say my blog since I have been writing this all season) when she said "I wouldn't want to fall for someone that would fall for Courtney." Way to go Emily! You deserve the best and Ben is definitely not it.

As promised, Courtney took the hot seat, and all I was thinking was how many acting classes she's taken in LA to prepare herself for the show she put on last night. I didn't buy her fake tears for one second and the fact that she actually cried makes me dislike even more, as if that was possible. When Courtney sat there crying and complaining that this has caused her and her family so much grief and saying how embarrassed she was, all I could think was liar liar liar pants on fire! I'm sure what Courtney was really thinking was something more like this- This is the best publicity stunt I could have ever done and I could never have received the amazing coverage I've received from being on The Bachelor. She apologized to all the girls really just saying sorry, and not going into any details about why she was sorry, and that is why I didn't fall for her apology.

Ben took the hot seat for a very short amount of time where he stated that he was nervous in front of the girls. The girls were actually really nice to him, a little bit too nice I think. Especially Nicki who went as far as to say that Ben was one of the best men she has ever met (laying it on a little thick). Then Jaime even propositioned Ben asking him out. What was going on? I don't know! I am still confused as to why Ben was ever even chosen to be The Bachelor. This guy is the worst Bachelor EVER!!! When Ben said that he admired how nurturing Courtney is, I just thought wow this guy is completely blind and a joke!

Next week is the long awaited Finale and the After the Rose special. I am much more excited about the After the Rose special than the actual finale, since the finale has already been ruined and we all know who Ben is proposing to. I cannot wait to see the train wreck that is going to go down on the After the Rose because you know there is going to be a whole bunch of drama!

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