Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Bachelor Season 16 - Season Finale

“I’m a good person, and good things happen to good people.”

Cheers! Ben Flajnik’s season of The Bachelor is over!!! I feel as though Ben & Courtney have just punked all of America. The joke is on us America, that’s for sure. Here I was watching two hours of the most un-eventful Bachelor season finale ever waiting and hoping that the After the Rose special would make it all worth while, boy was I wrong. What a huge disappointment that was. The only good thing about last night is that we don’t have to be subjected to Ben’s hair or Courtney’s facial expressions anymore. It’s almost unfitting to even call Lindzi a “runner up” because let’s be honest there was no competition. Courtney had the ring and the final rose in her back pocket since the first episode. We basically knew that, no surprise there. I was waiting for something more, something juicy! Maybe something like Ben saying “since watching the show I see what a monster Courtney is and I regret my decisions”. Then maybe begging Lindzi or Kacie B to take him back, but no, none of that happened. How disappointing. Ben & Courtney are still engaged and Courtney is still stunning. You never know these two might even make it work. They claim to have broken up for a couple weeks, during which Courtney tried on some wedding dresses to distract the viewers from the pictures of Ben kissing other girls in magazines. These two think they are so smart. There you have it; I find no reason to summarize all the events of last night's finale. If you would like a summary here is Chris Harrison's Blog. There’s also this interview with Lindzi that I really enjoyed reading. I love how Lindzi always takes the high road; she has so much class, a true lady. In the interview you will read that when Lindzi said “call me” after Ben dumped her, it was meant as a joke, but it got edited to look like something else. Those ABC producers are the worst I tell you!!! Always trying to fool us.

After everything Ben saw this season he has become re-engaged to the black widow Courtney, what happens now is his own fault. I am thinking they will probably stay together for a couple more months, at least until Emily Maynard’s season of the Bachelorette starts. Everyone will then forget about Ben and Courtney, and when the cameras stop taking Courtney’s pictures, and the magazines don’t care about her anymore she will end it with Ben and everything will be ok in the world again. Thank you to everyone who went on this TV journey with me, and read my posts every Tuesday. I really do love watching these Bachelor & Bachelorette shows, but even more I love writing and talking about them with my friends and readers.

To my girlfriends that come over every Monday to enjoy The Bachelor with me thank you! Bachelor Parties are my favorite thing ever! I look forward to our helichopter ride over the Alps of the Swiss Mountains! HAHAHA!


  1. My mom wanted me to tell you (and i quote), "I totally agree with you Vanessa! Courtney is a total witch and I don't even think she's that pretty. I was very disappointed." My mom also said she loved your post :)


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