Friday, March 30, 2012


Cupcakes from my favorite bakery Sweetness Bake Shop

The perfect spring shoe from ZARA

Peach Billinis

Gorgeous chandeliers at Shelborne South Beach

My most favorite ice cream in the world - Sprinkled Cake Batter!

The blog has been seriously slacking this week! First I had to renew my real estate license and was stuck in class all the way in Doral this week. Very happy that's over and done with for another two years. Then I all of sudden got sick, spent all of Wednesday night coughing only to wake up with a sore throat and a runny nose. Thankfully it's finally Friday and I get to do what I've wanted to do all week, cuddle up in bed with some chicken soup. Hopefully my sickness won't ruin my entire weekend; I am hoping I can at least have some fun. In meantime wanted to share some snap shots from my instagram! If you want to see more follow me @vaneferrer_

Have a great weekend! :)


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