Monday, November 14, 2011

All Through the Day - Necessities

Besides my family and friends, my dog - tato, these are my every day to day favorite things. The things i need every single day to feel organized, composed, and calm. These are the things that keep me sane and on top of my game. Basically without these following things i would be lost and not sure how i would function on a day to day basis. I find it kind of funny just how many things i "need" on a daily basis, sometimes i wonder if i was to vacation on a secluded island if i would actually "need" these things. Until then, while I'm living in a big city with lots of things to do these are definitely essentials and necessities.

iPad & iPhone

From checking and responding to emails, serving as an alternative photo and video camera, sharing everything with social media outlets, reading books, browsing my favorite blogs, watching TV shows and movies, checking up on my bank and credit card accounts. The list goes on and on as to why these two items are my two top necessities and constantly in my possession at all times.

Louis Vuitton Planner
My high school gave us yearly planners during first week of every new school year; due to this they started an addiction/problem. That being that i NEED to see things written down in order to remember and complete them. I've tried to use to my phone as my "calendar" but it doesn’t work, i forget everything and end up missing important appointments. The only thing that works is if i write it down. The most beautiful way to keep myself organized is to write my life down in my Louis Vuitton red epi-leather planner. I've had mine for five year's now, and i can honestly say they hold up perfectly, because mine still looks brand new.

Beauty Necessities


Chap Stick, Lip-gloss, Hand Cream, and Perfume. Every girl has "their" favorites when it comes to these items, and these are my best working most favorite products. Eos Chap stick, Korres lip-gloss, Lavender French luxurious hand cream, and Bond No. 9 scent of peace Eau de Perfume. I have long been a fan of Bond No. 9, thanks to my mom that got me hooked on the expensive perfumes when she gave me one as a gift. Honestly they are worth the price, this being because a couple of sprays will last all day, I am not exaggerating it will last the whole entire day! Some other favorites from them are Bleeker Street, Chinatown, and west side story.


Pretty self explanatory! Everyday i watch my shows on my TiVo and would never be able to watch any TV if TiVo would not have been invented, so thank you TiVo. Sugar,inc: I can not rant and rave enough about sugar,inc they are the best one stop website to find anything and everything you need on a daily basis! From pop culture, to fashion, to new recipes, geeky stuff, to the entertainment world - i love all sugar sites. My bose in-the-ear headphones are the ONLY earphones that stay in place doing a run or any cardio activity i use them almost every single day, and the Urbanears Plattan head phones are the best and most comfortable for watching movies and TV shows on my ipad.

Food & Beverage

Almost every day i eat a meal provided by Norman's Brothers. I have lunch there almost every single day during the work week (it’s down the street from my office) and i grocery shop there most nights for dinner. It’s fresh and delicious and i recommend it to everyone, especially their sandwiches, their hot foods, and their strawberry yogurt shakes, YUM! If you don’t see me with double tall non fat latte in hand you will find me with a liter bottle of Fiji water, it just is what it is, everyday! Lastly but not least, though i don’t indulge in this every night just some nights, there is nothing I enjoy more than a glass of Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon it’s my favorite, and i make sure i always have a bottle at home.


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