Tuesday, November 29, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Here it is...my ultimate Christmas wish list! Please keep in mind this is a wish list!!! I do not expect or would even dream of any of this on Christmas morning, these are simply my ultimate wishes. Maybe out of these ten items Santa Claus will put one under the tree, and that will be more than enough to make this girl very happy! As I have shared before in: remember me in your dreams i like to keep a running tab of wish list items JUST IN CASE i come into a huge inheritance, i win the power ball, or marry a prince! It is the season for wishing and hoping, so what better time of the year. What are your ultimate Christmas wishes?


  1. i have a huge wish list too! and the nikon is also on mine! (it's been on mine for like the past 4 christmases...lol)

  2. Good glad to know I'm not alone! My brother says I'm too old to have a Christmas list but I don't care I'll always have one :) maybe this year will be the year you get the Nikon! Honestly that's what I really want & need the most

  3. A DSLR is on my wish list too, along with Bond 9 :) Amber is amazing I just got a sample of it the other day. I am hoping for Scent of Peace. You are never to old for a wish list. I have one that I send my parents, and my husband, ha ha.

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  5. I have my wishlist as well.. but by categories lol.... now instead of the camera i want lenses and gadgets for it lol....DSLR was the best investment ive ever made!


  6. i also have the DSLR and i love it!! now to to lenses which are super expensive. one thing at a time :)and that hermes bracelet is on mine tooooo but ill probably just get a lump of coal :)



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