Friday, November 18, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Somehow on my own, I have figured out how to finally post videos onto my blog! Therefore this week I will share with you the three terrific things I am most excited about through video. The release of the full length Hunger Games trailer had me up at 8am tuned into Good Morning America and since then I can not stop watching it over and over again. The excitement makes me almost want to the read the entire trilogy over again. This morning I realized that the Christmas tree lot in the corner of my house is up and running, seeing all the beautiful trees automatically put me in a cheery mood. Lastly I have been dying to make some time to go see the movie Like Crazy, which has been more difficult than expected because the closest theatre around me playing it is about 30 minutes away. Enough is enough though I need to see this movie this weekend.
Hunger Games Trailer

O' Christmas Tree

Like Crazy


  1. Holy cow, that trailer gives me chills! I'm with you, I want to read them all again. Sooooo goooooood. Ahhh.

  2. I know! I can NOT wait for the movies.


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