Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Come fly with me

Traveling is needed for the soul, and for me it’s basically a requirement to remain sane while I'm not traveling. Going to Europe, the Caribbean, or any where else outside the United States is obviously always nice, but of course can be alot more expensive (euros, eek!) and not as convenient as traveling around this beautiful country that I live in. I've done a decent amount of traveling and I have seen some beautiful places in the United States of America, so I know you dont have to go too far to experience something great. There is still so much more left for me to explore. Most of the times when my girlfriends or family want to take a trip we always end up going to the same destinations/cities over and over again. New York, Vegas, San Francisco, Chicago, Disney, no more! I want to explore the rest of this beautiful country that we live in. One of the cities listed below is 100% going to be my next destination, some of them I have been itching to go to for years, and others are new places that have recently caught my eye. With so much that there is to see, taste, and explore why do I continue going to the same destinations, yes they are fun, yes I know my way around them, but the point of traveling is learning about and discovering new destinations.

1. San Antonio and/or Austin, TX: river walk, downtown, the laid back attitude, the amazing ness happening with food in Austin, music scene, all the live music I hear is available everywhere, bars. Sign me up please!

2. Charleston, SC: Old country charm, eating down home good country cookin', ghost tours, antiquing, very short flight from Miami, and just discovering the history of this old city.
Downtown Charleston Building Image

3. Seattle, WA - Ever since Jason Mesnick was on the Bachelorette and they showed the little houseboats on the water I have been dying to go to Seattle (also have to give credit to sleepless in Seattle) I want to take a tour of all those houseboats. See the location of the original starbucks, and drink some delicious coffee all around the city.

4. Philadelphia, PA - When I make it to Philly I’m going straight from the airport to the street corner where on one side resides Geno's and on the other side is Pat's I’m going to order a sandwich from both and I, for myself, will once and for all decide which Philly cheese steak is better. Right after that I’m going to need lots of exercise so I will be going straight to the famous Rocky steps and climbing those steps up and down until all those cheese steak calories are gone!

Pat's vs. Geno's Philly Cheesesteak War:

5. San Diego, CA - I've been to San Francisco a couple times and every time I fall in love with the city more and more (one of the only cities I would seriously consider living in besides Miami), but I’m told San Diego is even more beautiful. So I want to go San Diego, I want to stay in a beautiful ocean side resort walk downstairs to an open patio restaurant and eat fresh sea food everyday while I look out onto the ocean. Really is that asking for too much?

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