Tuesday, June 14, 2011

After the Rose - Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 4

Bentley Bentley Bentley, I think it’s safe to say Ashley is completely in love obsessed with Bentley. Who knew you could fall so hard in just three weeks. This guy sure did some work on her. In a way its very eye opening, while sad at the same time, to see how one person (in this case Ashley) can be so into another person (Bentley), and that person not even be attracted to or like the other person. How can someone read the signals so wrong, it always baffles me when this happens, and it happens in every day life to ordinary people all the time. Ashley is apparently in a "very dark place" after Bentley's exit from the show, and has had the most painful, hardest week of her life. This makes me think Ashley hasn’t been through much sorrow, pain, or hardship is her perfect little life; makes me think how would she handle a real life break up. She would need to go to a mental hospital, because if she’s this torn up after 3 weeks god bless the girl. Bentley is coming back next week, and I am for one DYING to hear what he has to say (though I'm pretty sure is going to be all BS). I just really really hope Ashley becomes a little bit stronger by then and sends him packing. I’m sure as she sits and watches the episodes now she cringes at herself every time she says his name. I  understand that at the time of filming she had no idea what was going on, but I still can’t understand how someone can completely miss read all the signals being thrown at you.

Wasn’t really into Ashley and Constantine one on one date, just didn’t really feel the chemistry. The stand out in the group date for me was JP, of course. I was shocked when she gave the rose to Ben F. instead of JP. That kiss with JP under the tree with the rain falling down!!! SPARKS!!!! I love how you can tell that JP is really super into Ashley. He got all defensive and jealous when the other guys were talking about whom has kissed her up to this point. When he speaks about her his eyes light up and you can see how sincere he is and much he truly cares about her (and all Ashley can do is talk about her dark place with Bentley, pathetic). Two of my favorites didn’t get much air time this week, Ben C. and William, I’m hoping they do next week in Chiang Mai, Thailand. At this point though, I don’t see anyone surpassing JP, and I don’t think any of the other guys are even as close to being into her as much as he is.

Week 5 Sneak Peak:

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