Thursday, June 30, 2011

After the Rose - Bachelorette Season 7 Episode 6

Though I'm finding it difficult to continue writing about Ashley I know my friends and readers that watch the show enjoy reading my thoughts so i had to share them even though it's a little late. Ashley oh Ashley, by now I pretty much sound like a broken record when I put my thoughts together about Ashley. Her bachelors are way too hot for her, she’s insecure, she’s beyond obsessed/desperate with Bentley and needs to go talk to someone else about it, not the camera filming her. I’m sure everyone that watches this show is as sick and tired as I am hearing Ashley go on and on about this fabricated relationship that she believes to have with Bentley. You may ask if you are so sick and tired why continue to watch? Well you see the bachelor and bachelorette franchise is like my drug and my therapy I can not NOT watch, regardless of how bad the bachelor or bachelorette is. I personally, have not really enojoyed watching or loved a bachelor as much as Andrew Firestone, my all time favorite. Favorite Bachelorette, I have to say is a tie between DeAnna and Jilli. If I worked for ABC I would suggest to them to stop picking left over candidates from past seasons and return to the good old days of the franchise when the bachelors were fresh new faces.

Now about this weeks episode. I could not stop laughing at how "surprised" Ashley came off on camera when she was told Bentley was in the hotel. Ashley you asked Chris Harrison to bring him so that he could answer the famous . . . no way you could have been that surprised to find out he was there. Ashley goes and meets Bentley in his hotel room, to put this in perspective, this guy has dumped her and walked out on the show, she hasn’t seen him in weeks and has been forming relationships with the remaining men on the show, and what does Ashley do? She goes in and kisses him, really girl? What is wrong with you? First of all no girl should ever go in for the kiss at the beginning of a relationship, that just made her look so desperate my heart hurt for her. When they finally sit Bentley sits on the total opposite corner of the couch from her, and answers her . . . by finally putting a period to it and breaking up with her for a second time. Finally after Ashley has been embarrassed and dumped for the 2nd time she says that she feels relief. I’m not going to get into much more detail except this, Ashley had no need to tell the other men about Bentley being there PERIOD. I am shocked that JP took it so well. JP needs a confident woman, to match him. Ashley is NO match for JP, not even close.

I commend Mickey so highly for leaving, and i wish more guys would have done the same. At this point TWO men have walked out Ashley hmmmm i wonder why? Mickey was voted Cosmopolitan's bachelor of the year in 2010. My friend shared this article with me that he did for Cosmo (  in which he clearly states that the behavior woman do that baffles him the most is being attracted to jerks. Due to this why would he stick around trying to pursue a girl who so obviously wishes she could be with the biggest jerk of them all, Bentley. According to life & style magazine Ashley is engaged and happy. According to OK! magazine Ashley has already been dumped. Let the battle of the tabloid magazines begin!!! They can all speculate but we wont know for sure until the finale, you already know i will glued to my TV.

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