Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! I absolutely adore Halloween and everything that comes with it. This weekend i made sure to celebrate my favorite holiday to the absolute max dressing up not once but twice. I am partied out and exhausted, but i had a great holiday weekend with friends. Even though today is actual Halloween i have been celebrating and dressing up since Friday, so I'm trying very hard to stay in the spirit. My neighborhood is kind of rural with large lots so we hardly ever get any trick or treaters. Therefore, all i am looking forward to tonight is a place outdoors where i can sit and people watch everyone else, hopefully while eating some of my favorite candy. Trick or Treat!
happy halloween friday!

  minnie mouse purse my niece yaya lend me was probably my favorite part of the whole costume.
thank you yaya.

blonde cleopatra

happy halloween saturday!

 Favorite Costumes

door person.

man with no head.

Its not too late to celebrate! Tonight is officially Halloween so if you have it in you dress up and get out there. I for one cant wait to see more awesome costumes! Happy Halloween Everyone.


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