Thursday, October 27, 2011

What I Wore

Francesca's dress & vest. marc by marc bag. tory burch flats.

anthropologie necklace.

Actual Vest & Similar Dress 
Similar Necklace

           Tory Burch Reva Logo Flats Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

There is this little store I walk by around three times a week right next door to my gym called Francesca's Collections in Merrick Park. At first I refused to walk in because stores in Merrick Park can be quite expensive. This worked for a couple of weeks but their window displays are so adorable and so perfectly styled that one day I finally gave in and walked inside. To my surprise this is not the average "Merrick Park" boutique, this being because the prices are incredibly reasonable. It has now become one of my stores to quickly run into and purchase something when I am in a bind or a rush. Today I realized that my outfit is mostly from Francesca's and decided to share one of my secret spots.


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