Friday, December 23, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Tomorrow is finally Christmas Eve following Christmas Day on Sunday! So looking forward to spending time with my family, having a huge Christmas Eve dinner, and seeing my niece, nephew, and all the other kiddies in the family open their presents! Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas!

My Spike the Punch necklace is here! Just in time for Christmas parties and celebrations. I keep thinknig of different outfits I can wear it with. Can not wait to come up with a really good combination for the blog.


I guess this is like four terrific things, but I just had to share my new tech accessories! The first was my secret santa gift which I absolutely love. The kate spade ipad case holds my ipad perfectly in place and I can’t help but smile when I read its cheerful message. The second is my iphone case; I recently upgraded to a white 4s iphone, and needed a white case for it (duh)! I found this one on There are literally thousands of cases to pick from, but when I saw one of my all time favorites and inspirations Audrey Hepburn I new my decision was done.


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