Friday, December 16, 2011

Blog Must Haves

I truly believe fashion blogs today have a sort of power over consumers that I never imagined. Sure I am still a magazine and website girl loving my lucky, people style, and in style (website and magazine), but if you want something to really sell you give it to some of the most popular bloggers on the web and your product will be moving faster than ever before. Besides celebrities who else can sell these items - bloggers! I read lots and lots of blogs and I have my favorites, if one of my favorites is sporting a super cool and chic pair of Karen Walker sunglasses I go crazy trying to find my own pair. Like I have been for the last two weeks, sadly there are no Karen Walker sunglasses in Miami or Florida, so I would have to order them online and ordering sunglasses online is just plain tricky. I want to go ahead and share especially three items that I believe have become as popular as they have because of the bloggers that wear them. At least for me it made me want to buy all these three items. Besides these three there are much much more like jcrew plaid shirts, rose gold michael kors watches, david yurman bracelets, coach classic handbags, j brand jeans, and the list goes on and on. It seems as if one blogger buys one of these items every other blogger must have one of their own to style in which ever way their heart desires.

Karen Walker Sunglasses:

Cambridge Satchels:

 These two get extra credtit - Cambridge Satchels & Karen Walker Sunglasses together!


Spike the Punch:
This jewelry designer I predict is going to be the next BIG blogger item to have! I have already seen "spike the punch" on three of my favorite blogs in matter of one week. I’m dying for my own but these sell out faster than ice in the middle of a hurricane (Miami joke)! You can find her gems on under the shop spike the punch!

On a side note if you love reading fashion blogs all of these seven bloggers are amazing and truly inspiring to me, you should most definitely add them to your reading list of blogs! xoxo


  1. I am totally with you.. would bought the karen walker's and definitely a spike the punch piece!

  2. Dexclusive is selling authentic brand watches, with some watches offered with a HUGE discount.


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