Friday, December 9, 2011

Three Terrific Things

Christmas is almost two weeks away (two weeks tomorrow) and I think that means it's about time to be full throttle into the holiday season. To make life even sweeter today is Friday and around here that means executive Friday’s at La Nueva. We have started a little bit of a tradition of going to an Argentinean restaurant, La Nueva, close by my office every Friday for lunch and getting the weekend started with a pitcher of sangria, and not to mention delicious empanadas, and churrasco. So cheers to the weekend. The two other terrific things that I am extra blissful about today are my new Rachel Zoe Platform Pumps that finally came in, and I got them on sale!!! Lastly, equipment blouses, oh equipment blouses why must your fabric feel like butter on my skin, and why must you fit so absolutely perfect that I want every single equipment blouse in every color/print ever made.
Hey! If Zoe Hart can have 100 equipment blouses why can't I?
 (Oh yea, because I'm not on a TV show!)

equipment top @nordstroms

Rachel Zoe Platform Pumps <3


  1. I'm in LOVE with that blouse! It's a good thing I'll be making a quick stop at Nordstrom tomorrow for a few other goodies! Love the blog :)


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