Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Good Life

What is it that makes the majority of all girls i know obsessed with the entire Real Housewives Franchise on Bravo. How many are there now? New York, New Jersey, OC, Atlanta, and coming soon Miami, Washington and Hollywood, I've heard all rumored. WOW. Pretty soon bravo is going to have to give them their own channel. The Real Housewives Channel. I would love it, not only would i love it but i would be hooked 24 hrs a day. What is it about these woman that has us so enthralled? Is it their lifestyles? their beautiful houses and beautiful cars? Their husbands that pretty much put up with all their ridiculous behavior and outlandish antics. Is it the summers in the Hamptons, the private yachts on St. Martin. I could go on. The white range rovers? $4,000 + designer purses and shoes? The luxury to wake up one morning and say hey today ill start a clothing company, and I'm going to name is V by Vanessa (joke), basically I'm going to copy all my favorite designers and call the designs my own. (if you watch I'm pretty sure you can figure out who from Atlanta is doing this) It seems like these woman live the life and of course anyone would love to watch and envision that life for themselves one day. But as my momma always taught me the grass might look greener on the other side but it probably isn't. And who knows whats going on behind those closed doors. Poor Tamara and her psycho husband.  Nonetheless these woman are extraordinary to watch i love every second of it and i can not wait for more.

On a side note when you watch the show you see the same old game that woman have been playing with each other for years. The cliques, the we like you we don't like you, the sides. It's sad that woman have to gang up on each other this way. If we supported each other more and were nicer to each other i cant even imagine the things we would accomplish. I've experienced this is my life and i saw it my mom's and i hear about it from other friends, ay woman when will you learn that we are not the enemy.

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