Thursday, January 20, 2011

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

What is your favorite time of the day? It might be easy, or it might be hard to find the answer to this question, and I have contemplated over this long enough to be sure that my favorite time of the day is morning. It was not always morning, and I think it use to be the night time, but in the past couple of years that has changed and now I know its morning.  There is just something about waking up and knowing you have a fresh new day. A new day to fix whatever may have gone wrong yesterday, to do better, and to be happy about. I’m not always what you would call…a morning person, especially when I have to go to work, but on weekends when I don’t have work or the pressure of being anywhere by any specific time I seem to wake up on my own earlier than what my alarm clock is set for on the weekdays and very cheerful. I’ve always found it comical how it works out that way. What do I love most about mornings? Well it depends what day it is and where I'm waking up. Lets say it’s a Thursday (like this morning) what I love about waking up is being able to lie in bed for just a couple of moments/minutes in that stage between barely asleep and fully awake. Just being able to have those moments and thoughts to myself when it’s peaceful. Then seeing my puppy, tato, and him looking at me with that face that I love so much. Lets say it’s a Saturday morning, and I’m waking up before any of my friends are awake or even close to being ready to do anything with the day. I wake up, normally to a full TiVO of shows I had NO time to watch during the week, getting to pick which one of my favorite shows I am going to watch, drinking freshly brewed coffee and just knowing I have nothing to do for the next few hours. Or maybe deciding if I want to go for a morning run (though it does not happen as often as it should) when it does happen it’s a great feeling. Lets say you’re waking up with someone, someone that you are happy to be waking up with, we have all been great is that feeling of waking up and cuddling and staying in bed in and out of sleep. So yes, the morning is my favorite time of the day. When you wake up tomorrow, take a couple extra moments to lay alone with your thoughts and think about all the good things that are going to happen through out the day and everything that is yet to come.

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