Friday, June 18, 2010

my love for you

THE MAGNIFICENCE THAT IS GLEE! O-M-G! Let me share a little bit of the reasons why I am oh so in love, so infatuated/obsessed with all that is Glee. Now I have to be honest when I first heard about Glee I was…a hater (so embarrassed). I wanted nothing to do with Glee, I felt it was going to be another show that tried to be like high school musical (which I am so not a fan of). Boy was I mistaken. It all started when I was watching the golden globes this past spring, the cast of Glee caught my attention like no show had done since Mad Men won their first globe three years ago. How genuinely happy and humble these young people looked while they were being interviews, doing press, and receiving their award kind of made me want to fall in love with them. Still I was so caught up watching other TV (mostly junk) it kept slipping my mind to put glee on my season pass manager on TiVo. Until I go to my boyfriend's sister graduation, and her room mate has the latest episode of glee on their TiVo, with not much else to do, we saw Glee. I have never turned back!!! It is beyond amazing, yes its in high school but the topics they do each episode are topics that any person can familiarize with, doesn’t matter if you are 16 or 86. You’ve been there, you associate yourself with the Glee club members, and who doesn’t love an underdog?!?!? Don’t let Glee fool you though, these beautiful high schoolers have never really been underdogs. The show is a hit, beyond a hit it’s a gold mind. Every song glee re-makes shoots up to the top of the itunes list. Rumors are there’s a tour being planned for next summer, and this person right here plans to be dancing front and center. It’s a phenomenon and I am sad I wasn’t a fan from day one. But I am more than a fan now, and this fan is beyond ecstatic fox is replaying the show from the beginning every Thursday this summer. I get to fall in love with Glee from the beginning like I always should have.

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